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So many kids are growing up too fast. 13 year olds are giving each other hand jobs in the back of the bus, 14 year olds are already drinking and partying, and kids spend more time worried about growing up and being cool than they do actually growing up and being a kid.
Martin Johnson


Hey all you Boys Like Girls fans!

This blog is all about Boys Like Girls.

So you can catch up on all the latest news.

You should follow this blog, I’d love it if you did.

What do you say we get this blog really popular, just to support BLG?

Let’s do this!

Ahaha. =D

Martin, Paul, Bryan, and John: We love you.

BLG Forever.

Welcome! So yes, this blog is all about the band Boys Like Girls. I’ll be posting tons of news and pictures of the guys so you can be updated and caught up and all that jazz. I hope you like it.

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